Everyone's heart has a spark of desire for success. An excellent enterprise can always inspire one success story after another.

Every employee's career in fashion group is clear, from Commissioner to department head, Department Manager to regional general manager. Each project is like an entrance, behind which is a huge career stage. Here, we provide a customized long-term career development path and opportunity for everyone, and it is suitable for different stages of life and individual family needs.

In terms of welfare and compensation, fashion group not only provides employees with competitive welfare and compensation, but also pioneers the introduction of business partnership. Every capable employee has the opportunity to become a business partner of fashion group in the future.

Welcome to join fashion group!

Thank you for choosing fashion group. If you are interested in the following positions, please email your resume to: hr@fashiongroup.com.cn , In order to inform you of further arrangements in time, please be sure to leave your telephone contact information and email address. The personal data you provide will be stored in confidential, and the personal information will be strictly confidential.

Latest recruitment position of the group


1. Be responsible for the contact, planning and coordination with the investment promotion related activities;

2. Be responsible for the development and management of customers, and record the information of merchants customers;

3. Collect market information and give feedback in time;

4. Establish customer information files and maintain a good relationship between owners and tenants;

5. Under the leadership of the investment manager, do a good job of project investment promotion, assist in the completion of sales tasks, and establish a good brand reputation;

6. Understand and regularly follow up the dynamic of commercial market and complete relevant market tracking reports.


1. College degree or above, major in real estate or marketing;

2. More than one year's experience in investment promotion, with rich investment promotion channels preferred;

3. Be familiar with investment process, investment skills, contract terms and market operation mode;

4. Have excellent customer service awareness, strong business development and interpersonal communication skills;

5. Have certain customer negotiation skills, be able to handle emergencies, and independently solve problems encountered in the process of investment promotion.

6. Hard working, hard-working, warm and generous, serious and responsible.

Working address

Shenzhen Futian District Huaxin metro station fashion Mego Business Plaza

Resume delivery



1. Under the leadership and supervision of the superior, regularly complete the quantitative work requirements, and be able to handle and solve the tasks independently;

2. Understand and master the employment needs of each department, and be good at analyzing and summarizing competency model;

3. Implement recruitment, release recruitment position information, conduct resume screening, evaluate candidates and provide preliminary interview report;

4. Manage and develop recruitment channels;

5. Maintain talent pool and have good communication ability.


1. Bachelor degree or above in human resources or related majors;

2. More than one year's relevant working experience, especially in other modules of human resources;

3. Have practical operation experience in human resource recruitment and be familiar with relevant national laws and regulations;

4. Gentle, patient, active, honest, loyal and trustworthy, rigorous in work, good at language expression;

5. Familiar with office software.

Working address

2301, west area, Greater China International Trade Plaza, Jintian South Road, Futian District, Shenzhen


1. To prepare, adjust and implement the group's fund income and expenditure plan and credit plan according to the state's macro financial policies and the group's operation;

2. Assist the relevant departments of the group to do a good job in strategic investment such as asset restructuring, merger and acquisition of the group;

3. Develop financing plan and specific operation process, establish daily financing business management and tracking system;

4. Reasonable allocation and use of funds among wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries of the group;

5. Be responsible for organizing the real-time monitoring and regular analysis of the group's cash flow situation, and establishing the early warning mechanism of fund situation;

6. Organize research on financial investment and put forward corresponding plans;

7. Make statistics of the group's fund revenue and expenditure, prepare and report the fund plan, and reasonably analyze and allocate the fund;

8. Assist the department head to manage the financed projects in the later stage, such as interest calculation, notice of payables, etc;

9. Assist the department head to sort out and prepare financing data, draft basic documents, etc;

10. Assist the finance department in handling bank settlement business, basic accounting processing, expense voucher review, tax declaration, preparation of the group's annual budget, etc.


1. Bachelor degree in accounting (or related economics);

2. More than 4 years working experience in accounting, 1 year working experience in the same position;

3. Familiar with financial software and business software;

4. Identify with corporate culture, work actively, have good logical thinking and communication ability, strong execution.

Working address

2301, west area, Greater China International Trade Plaza, Jintian South Road, Futian District, Shenzhen


1. Be responsible for the monthly, quarterly and annual tax related work of the company;

2. Be responsible for communicating with tax authorities and external organizations, and assist in tax inspection and audit;

3. Supervise the legality, compliance and rationality of tax work of each subsidiary, and provide tax consulting services for each subsidiary;

4. Actively participate in the discussion of the company's tax project problems and propose solutions, analyze the new tax policies and relevant laws and regulations, so that the company can achieve the lowest tax cost and the maximization of the company's tax benefits within the legal and reasonable range, and conform to the tax compliance;

5. Assist to complete the annual tax audit and related tax clearance;

6. To be responsible for the application of tax preference and other special tax related business;

7. Carry out reasonable tax planning work under the reasonable avoidance of tax risks, and carry out relevant budget work on the company's tax cost according to the company's annual budget data;

8. Organize regular training on relevant tax knowledge and complete other tax work arranged by leaders.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in accounting, finance or tax;

2. At least 3 years working experience in tax practice and tax management; experience in real estate, commercial real estate and property management is preferred;

3. Familiar with office software;

4. Excellent communication skills, especially with tax authorities;

5. Be able to complete the work independently and actively on time;

6. Honest, serious, positive and result oriented personality;

Working address

2301, west area, Greater China International Trade Plaza, Jintian South Road, Futian District, Shenzhen


1. Make recruitment plan according to the company's development strategy, and complete each vacancy and new position recruitment according to the corresponding time node;

2. Manage the company's salary and performance appraisal system, review and check regularly, and put forward improvement suggestions and suggestions to the superior in time;

3. Be responsible for reviewing and approving the procedures of employee grading, promotion, salary increase, reward and disciplinary punishment, internal deployment, transfer in, transfer out, resignation, etc;

4. Responsible for the company's fixed assets procurement, office management and staff activities and other administrative work;

5. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.


1. Bachelor degree or above in human resources, administration, public relations or other related majors;

2. At least 3 years of administrative and personnel experience;

3. Be familiar with contract management, salary system and various labor laws and regulations of Shenzhen City and enterprises;

4. Strong ability to analyze and solve problems, clear thinking and meticulous consideration.

Working address

2301, west area, Greater China International Trade Plaza, Jintian South Road, Futian District, Shenzhen